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GPS Builds Small Business Success by the Millions

GPS tackles a problem most companies would love to have - rapid growth.

Thu July 10, 2014 - National Edition
Construction Equipment Guide

GPS-provided business consulting services for Skillman Construction, a construction company that, although it had been in business for more than 20 years, was struggling from recent rapid growth after acquiring a major client, a nuclear facility.

“Back in 2010, we went through a huge growth spurt due to the local nuclear plant,” said Owner Mike Skillman. “I was putting in close to 80/90 hours a week, just trying to keep up with the demands that they were putting on us. That, in return, made for a lack of good paperwork and good organization within our company. We just did not have the tools that we needed to grow, at the pace we were growing, and it caused issues. Due to that lack of organization, it was really holding us back.”

Prior to engaging GPS, Skillman spent his evenings “working on equipment, trying to get it ready for the next day.” He was ’trying to push things through at midnight/one o’clock in the morning, so that we would have the equipment ready to go the next morning.”

He literately had given up his home life to keep up with the demands of his business. “I truly was missing the best part of my life, which was my kids and my family,” he said.

Making Rapid Growth Manageable

“By bringing the consultants in, they helped us to get our paperwork organized, helped us get our computers up-to-date, helped us get all our QuickBooks and stuff like that, where they needed to be, in order to let us grow and be successful at the nuclear plant.

“We went from being a $1.2 million company to a $3 million company, on up to a $15 million company, last year [2013], basically, in a four-year period.”

It was during these four years that GPS provided its consultation services. “We couldn’t have done it without the consultants getting us organized and pushing us forward,” he said.

Remodeling Operations to Allow Expansion

“One thing that the consultants showed us was that we had too many eggs in one basket. They took the time to show us how to split our one company up into multiple companies for asset protection purposes.”

It improved productivity and profitability, Skillman added, because it freed Skillman from the responsibility of being a midnight mechanic. Now all the equipment required for his construction firm is being maintained by three full-time mechanics as a separate business managed by his son.

Organization also allows for ease of management for all of the diverse Skillman enterprises, which include a business offering landscape equipment rentals, a spray foam company as well as a lumberyard.

“Now, we’re able to watch all of these businesses from my desk on the computer and through a weekly meeting.” He’s happy to report that “everything has prospered, because we have the organizational skills that it took to build from scratch and make it happen.”

GPS Makes Small Business Growth a Team Effort

The GPS business consultants came in and showed management how to work together, by “organizing our whole organization and making it a team effort, it makes other people responsible for their actions, responsible for our growth. And bringing all those minds together has made our business grow faster than I could ever imagine. To think about going from a million dollar company to, possibly, a $20 million dollar company — blows my mind. We, truly, are on track to do that.”

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