HammerHead Releases 160-Ton Static Pipe Bursting Machine

Tue January 01, 2008 - National Edition

Earth Tool Company, manufacturer of HammerHead trenchless products, has released the HydroBurst HB160 static pipe bursting machine.

Designed on the HB125 platform, the HB160 has the versatility to replace potable water, sewer and gas lines as small as 4-in. (10 cm) and the muscle to replace pipes as large as 24 in. (60 cm).

The HB160 is designed with production in mind, and is capable of a two hour calculated burst time for a 400 ft. (122 m) burst including rod payout and pullback.

The 100 ft. (30 m) of onboard rod storage and rod spinner bolster operator performance to make bursting with the HB160 a one man operation. Like the HB125, the HB160 features rotational torque of 800 ft./lbs., 20 tons (18 t) of thrust and a hydraulic rear brace to assist in pushing through difficult obstructions. It also features a rod lock vise to prevent production loss from rod rebound.

Hydraulic leveling and lateral jacks keep the HB160 on line during the burst.

The HB160 features a lightweight heat treated alloy rod with an API style joint. The torqued joint rod string can handle thrust loads even when pushing around sweeping bends, through encrusted and collapsed lines and long burst lengths.

When coupled with the line of HammerHead Ductile Slitters, the HB160 can burst even the toughest host pipes, including ductile iron and steel.

For more information, visit www.hammerheadmole.com.