Hamm Compaction Offers Line of Three Asphalt Rollers

Tue January 09, 2007 - National Edition

The HD O120V is Hamm Compaction Division’s largest oscillation roller. This 78-in. (198 cm) wide, double drum roller has an operating weight of 26,345 lb. (11,949 kg) with oscillation in the rear drum and conventional vibration in the front. The rear drum has an oscillation frequency of 2,160 to 2,520 vpm and the front with vibration frequency of 2,520 to 3,000 vpm.

Additionally, Hamm’s new HD 14 VV and HD 10C VV asphalt compactors feature the capability of vibration running in the front drum only, rear drum only, in both drums simultaneously or no vibration. For both models, VV stands for “vibration front, vibration rear.”

The HD 14 VV weighs in at 4.6 tons (4.1 t) and has a maximum working width of 56 in. (142 cm). The machine works with a wide range of different tasks. The 1.73-ton (1.6 t) HD 10C VV “compact” roller has a working width of 41.7 in. (106 cm), with a total length of 83.5 in. (212 cm) and total height of 84.8 in. (215 cm).

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