IES’s Maximus Series Features Automated Wheel Wash

Thu February 14, 2008 - National Edition
Construction Equipment Guide

Innovative Equipment Solutions (IES) has announced its new Maximus Series of totally portable, automated wheel wash systems — engineered specifically for the construction industry.

Ideal for eliminating trackout at project sites where excavation is not allowed or desired, the Maximus is an entirely above-ground system, which can be assembled, attached to power and water, and ready to operate in just hours.

The Maximus features a fully automated, closed-loop water recycling and solids separation process — so that water present at the site entrance does not create any additional issues.

The Maximus Series offers one- and two-tire revolutions of cleaning in its standard models — with custom built units also available.

The system operates on the principle of high volume and low pressure, which prevents overspray and the knocking of oil and grease from the truck chassis. Its 42-in.-wide wash elements flex the tire tread open to allow the high water volume flow to flush the tires clean. A highly-focused spray is easily achieved with adjustable nozzle assemblies.

The system is configured with the appropriate size water recycling and solid separation tank. A self-priming flocculent pump greatly increases the cleanliness of the recycled water. Solids can be removed with equipment that would typically be on-hand at a site.

Pumps are installed using autocouplers that allow the operator to remove the pumps from the tank without the need to dewater the tank, which is a significant savings in time and water during any maintenance or repair.

IES designs automated wheel washing systems for applications in light to medium soils, tacky and heavy soils; or those that address disinfectant and biosecurity needs. In addition to its highly portable above-ground Maximus Series, its product line includes the new Neptune Series drive-through systems for temporary or permanent use; drive-over systems for light soil conditions; and roller units for use in heavy clay conditions.

All systems offer a fully automated closed-loop solid separation and water recycling solution.

All components are made in the United States with immediate parts availability.

IES offers nationwide sales, service, rental, and turnkey installation.

For more information, call 866/303-4437 or visit

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