Artificial intelligence

Nashville, Tenn.'s exhilarating growth has provided immense benefits to the region. The flip side of all that expansion, however, is that traffic has increased by a whopping 60 percent since 2005 along the area of I-24 that connects Nashville southeast to Murfreesboro, the fastest growing city in Tennessee.

A "convergence" of several "transformative technologies" are expected to impact U.S. society and the transportation industry as well in 2019, according to a new whitepaper published by research firm IHS Markit on Jan. 3. Entitled "The Top Trends of 2019: Powered by Transformative Technology," the whitepaper suggests that video technology, advances in 5G communication systems and artificial intelligence (AI) are expected to have a "major effect" on both commercial and consumer markets in the coming year.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the way the construction industry does business. After years of hype, the technology is finally here and can boost productivity, safety and other critical aspects of business success. An AI system can enable such services as predictive maintenance, which multiples the value of the Internet of Things (IoT).

Construction has often been considered one of the last industries to embrace technology. That is starting to change, however, as construction companies look for new ways to change the mindset of those working at the jobsite. Enter the younger generation, otherwise known as millennials.

Tech company Nvidia and Komatsu will be teaming up to integrate AI into industry worksites to boost both safety and efficiency, Tech Crunch reported. Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang announced the partnership Dec. 13 at GTC Japan, a key AI event. Huang discussed how Nvidia's GPU hardware will help to create “brains for equipment on worksites, Tech Crunch reported.

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