Boss Snowplow

Toro announced the introduction and availability of all-new snow removal attachments for the Toro Dingo compact utility loader line — the 4 and 5-ft. Boss snowplow attachments. With a simple changeout of attachments, Dingo units can effectively and efficiently handle even the most challenging snow and ice removal tasks, according to the manufacturer.

Boss Products, a division of The Toro Company, acquired the Snowrator brand in March 2018 and set about a redesign to take the one-of-a-kind product from good to great. Using its more than 30 years of experience in snowplow design, Boss re-engineered the Snowrator to maximize the performance and reliability of this multi-tasking, labor-saving solution for snow and ice contractors.

Boss Snowplow expands its snow and ice removal product offerings to help professionals prepare for the upcoming winter storm season. The newest members of the Boss family are the Forge 2.0 long bed spreader and the SK-R 6 compact vehicle plow. Additionally, the popular D-Force accessory is now available for DXT plows.

Boss Snowplow expands its snow and ice removal arsenal to help professionals prepare for the upcoming winter storm season. Now available, the durable, rubber-edged SK-R collection offers quieter plowing operation and protection to sensitive surfaces, according to the manufacturer.

Boss Snowplow introduced the Drag Pro rear-mounted snowplow to improve productivity and efficiency when clearing parking lots, loading bays and residential driveways. Designed to clear snow using the back of the truck, the Drag Pro reduces the number of passes required with plow widths ranging from 8 to 16 ft.

With several months of winter weather still to come for most of the country, Boss Snowplow invites snow and ice professionals and military families to sign up for SnowCare for Troops, a program that pairs volunteer snow and ice removal contractors with local military families and disabled veterans in need of a helping hand.