Larmee Equipment & Supply

The SS-2000 is the newest DTH drill in the Rock Commander line by Soosan America. The SS-2000 is built with the same proven components that have made Rock Commander drills a market leader, according to the company. The SS-2000 DTH drill rig is one of the most advanced, comfortable, reliable, productive and easily serviceable drill rigs on the market with high penetration rates and low fuel consumption, according to the manufacturer.

Soosan America LLC offers solutions for all drilling needs. From quarry applications to various construction applications, the Rock Commander line of rock drills meets customers' needs at an affordable cost, according to the company. The JD1400E-II and the JD800E-II offer the end user a choice based on project demands and customer requirements.

Thirty-eight years ago, Larmee Equipment started serving the Midwest with rock drills, rock drill parts and accessories. The times have changed from selling simple air-track drills in the 1980s to designing and distributing a newcomer to the drilling scene — the Rock Commander series of drills.

Soosan CSM, of Seoul, South Korea, has purchased the assets of Junjin CSM, makers of hydraulic drills that have been imported to United States through its distribution company Junjin America LLC, a partnership between Larmee Equipment & Supply Co.