The continued growth of the steep-slope market is opening new opportunities for loggers. Factory-installed on the John Deere 959ML shovel logger, the FL100 directional felling head meets loggers' demand for a larger, more durable solution. Practical for felling and maneuvering timber on challenging terrain, the FL100 delivers enhanced grapple strength, arm durability and rotate/tilt power, according to the manufacturer.

When the 830 M-T log handler reached the end of its six year lease term with 22,000 service hours, Stella-Jones Inc. 's Plant Manager Darrin Vigue did his due diligence to choose its replacement. But in the end, Vigue returned to the machine that had served him so well for the previous six years.

Insiders recognize that Larry McKay is a rare species in the lumber processing industry. As the owner of Mountainside Unloading Ltd., he is under contract to operate the Louisiana-Pacific woodyard in Swan River, MB. "I am pretty blessed that they've given us this good job," he said.

Maine is facing a shortage of loggers and log truckers that will grow and could hinder the growth of the $8.5 billion forest products industry in the state if wage growth does not occur, an occupational analysis released March 14 concludes. The employment availability and wage analysis prepared by the Maine Center for Business and Economic Research at the University of Southern Maine found wages for logging equipment operators and log truckers in Maine are lower than those for comparable jobs in competing industries in the state, and this combined with a tight labor market and looming retirement for large numbers of loggers is concerning for Maine's forest economy.

The 81st Annual Oregon Logging Conference will be in full swing Feb. 21 to 23, 2019. Registration gives attendees full access to panels, seminars, social events and much more. Here's what is included, according to the OLC: Feb. 20 pre-registration meet and greet at the Hotel Eugene Feb.

When an engine fire destroyed a log handler at Cameron River Logistics (CRL), Andrew Moore and his team decided it was a chance to rethink their original purchase decision. “It had about 10,000 hours on it and it was able to load wood at the pace we wanted,” Moore said.

BOISE – Idaho has more than doubled the number of workers assigned to logging and restoration projects on federal lands in the state with the goal of doubling the timber harvest and restoration treatments on by 2025. Starting the week of July 2, the Idaho Department of Lands has begun increasing the number of workers, from five to 13, taking part in a federal-state partnership allowing state workers to manage timber sales on U.S.

What started as a small shake operation for two men has flourished into a well-known, family-owned-and-operated cedar fencing mill. Wood products produced at the mill are used throughout North America for fencing projects. Tod Reichert and his business partner, Lee Day, were two young men in the mid-1970s, cutting shake bolts and performing rigorous manual labor.

Barko's new strong-arm grapples provide a highly productive solution for log handling and delimbing applications. Designed to optimize the performance of Barko B-Series loaders — including all trailer/truck mount, tracked, rough terrain carrier and stationary loader models — the grapples deliver enhanced rotator torque, clamping force and arm speed.

The Vermeer CT718 compost turner can now be equipped with full-length steel tracks, an option best suited for rough and muddy ground conditions. The new full track option is one of four drive systems available for the CT718 compost turner that also include two-wheel drive, four-wheel drive and two-wheel plus two short tracks drive system.

“The decision for our second Sennebogen was a lot simpler than the first,” Steven Freeman said, recalling the trials and deliberations that led his family to purchase a Sennebogen 830 M‑T log-handler four years ago. “Our yard is tough: it's rock, and wood debris, and some mud, and the stud yard is up the hill, 300 to 400 yards from the mill.