Phaze Concrete

When most people think of a commercially structured building, they think of steel and concrete. That makes sense, considering there are plenty of buildings that are created from these materials. Steel and concrete are strong, durable, safe, tried and true.

Phaze Concrete understands that the business process can be difficult. That is why the company is dedicated to demystifying the process and helping projects run as smooth as possible. Construction projects can come in many forms. Whether a client has worked on multiple projects or this is their first one, there is still a sense of uncertainty.

Companies throughout the world try to diversify their portfolio by working on projects that are extraordinary. Projects with a unique appeal and the projects that set a record of some kind are usually the most appealing. These projects are usually awarded to the most qualified companies since there is likely going to be intense public interest.

Phaze Concrete's work is recognized across the country, but it's the way they have treated their employees that is turning heads. In 2016, the company partnered with the Department of Labor's Department of Apprenticeships. This partnership created an exciting and unique education work program that was first in the area.

In 2003, a small concrete laying company was just starting out, pouring driveways and performing jobs on residential properties in Nevada and Utah. Since then, though, Phaze Concrete's value has grown considerably. It is now worth more than $43 million; it employs 250 employees; it has offices in Hildale, Utah; Denver and Oklahoma City; and it has been making some forward-thinking moves which are unprecedented in the industry, both on and off the construction site, according to the company.

From pouring driveways for small residential projects in the states of Nevada and Utah, to completing hundreds of projects featuring large box stores, warehouses, distribution centers, parking garages, hotels and airports, Phaze Concrete has been delivering quality concrete to the construction industry.