RMT Equipment

The newest generation of VEI onboard weighing technology for excavators will ensure that each bucket of material is weighed and that resulting truck loads are legal. For managers overseeing excavation, stockpiling and loading operations, this is of critical importance given that excavators often work in remote locations far away from truck scales.

Since 1958 RMT Equipment has been providing the intermountain area with the finest products in the agriculture, construction, golf and turf, and professional lawn care industries. Headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, RMT will represent Kawasaki-KCM wheel loaders in the two main branches, Boise and Hammett, Idaho.

A multi-camera operator vision system from RMT Equipment is “job site-rated” to increase safe operation in the largest heavy-duty equipment operations. The track-vision systems from RMT are equipped to connect up to four cameras to a single monitor according to Marc Lefebvre, sales manager of RMT.

As backup cameras become increasingly popular for trucks and passenger vehicles, equipment owners are discovering how similar cameras can improve safety and productivity for operators. Safety cameras have proven themselves to be so effective avoiding accidents that shortly they will become mandatory in certain categories of heavy equipment in the next few years.