On April 6, in less than 24 hours, SnowWolf had converted one of its snowplow attachment assembly plants to support the COVID-19 relief effort. In partnership with Fastbeds, a manufacturer of emergency field hospital beds, SnowWolf began assembling, packaging and shipping beds to the frontlines of the fight against COVID-19.

SnowWolf has introduced its new ActivEdge, a floating sectional cutting edge with composite springs that are new to the snow-removal industry. The ActivEdge is an upgrade option for SnowWolf's standard AR400 steel cutting edge on the QuattroPlow, QuattroPlow XT, QuattroPlow TR, UltraPlowand UltraPusher TE.

UltraPlow and QuattroPlow Series snow plows from Burnsville-based SnowWolf are now available with an optional redesigned A-frame that allows the plow to float up and down with the contours of a surface while maintaining consistent, effective down pressure on the plowing surface.

SnowWolf has introduced the QuattroPlowHD, a highly versatile snow plow for heavy equipment such as wheel loaders, tractors and backhoes. The QuattroPlowHD is a larger version of the QuattroPlow, which SnowWolf introduced in 2016 for skid steers, compact wheel loaders and smaller tractors.

General Financial formed a strategic alliance with SnowWolf to provide a competitive edge for their product lines, including the newly introduced QuattroPlow snow removal attachment. Taylor Moseley, director of national accounts, general financial, said, “Our goals align in that both companies want to streamline processes to increase customer experience, and offering more options and convenience to the snow industry.”The equipment attachments market is very competitive, posing unique considerations.

SnowWolf has introduced its newly redesigned ProPlowFX, an all-purpose plow that works equally well for snow removal and light dirt moving or landscaping, according to the manufacturer. The versatility of the Burnsville, Minn.-based company's new attachment is made possible by a semi-floating torsion system that provides infinitely variable down pressure and shock absorption, a trip-lock-out feature and a shorter blade-to-machine distance for greater maneuverability.