New Terex Utilities Manufacturing Headquarters Will Simplify Operations

Keep up with the fun side of the construction industry. See the latest in sports and entertainment construction projects.

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Sports & Entertainment

Whether it's college football, March Madness, major league baseball or a major entertainment complex, Construction Equipment Guide's, Sports & Entertainment section covers it all. No matter what the season, our sports &entertainment stories will help you cheer your favorite teams on as they undergo stadium construction and arenas get demolished, reimagined and rebuilt in time for game day.

Our Sports & Entertainment section follows the history of famous field like Wrigley Field and Fenway Park . We give the history of turf installations, sports field renovations, sports construction companies, and NFL stadium costs. Did you know that currently that 17 NFL stadiums have artificial turf that was installed and the others have natural grass! Of course the game is one of the most important parts of the game, but the stadiums are just as important. The initial turf constructionis a valuable process because it could change the look and feel of the stadium if done poorly or need to be redone quicker than normal. The athletic field maintenance processbefore each game is critical. Furthermore, the stadium construction details affect the fans, which are you! It's just as important to know the companies who are doing the athletic field constructionand stadium construction because their vision and design will be what fans enjoy for years to come.

Watch as communities come together to support their hometown minor league teams, and as colleges work with their alumni networks to raise the funds needed to cover the football stadiums under constructionthat their students need to succeed.

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