Insituform Wins Contract for Nashville Sewer Repair

Mon March 10, 2003 - National Edition

Insituform Technologies Inc. has started work on a new $1.95 million sewer rehabilitation contract nearly two months faster than normal, thanks to an expedited proposal process used by Metro Nashville Water and Sewer.

is the first company to be awarded a contract for the Nashville Overflow Abatement Program using the new proposal process. The forward-looking business approach was developed by the Metro Purchasing Department, working in concert with Metro Water Services, and is overseen by the water and sewer district’s program manager, Consoer Townsend Environdyne Engineers Inc.

Metro Water Services has entered into a standing contract with high quality, competent contractors so that work assignments can be made by the winning contractor shortly after the bids are opened, expediting the contractual process and enabling Metro Water Services to reduce the time between project award and signing of the contract by up

to 60 days.

Under the terms of its new $1.95-million contract, Insituform will rehabilitate nearly 3.8 mi.(6 km) of sewers and 365 service laterals in Clifton Park, a residential section of Nashville. Insituform is completing the mainline repairs, as well as approximately one-fourth of the service lateral repairs, using its Insituform cured-in-place pipe process (CIPP).

This project is one of seven Insituform currently has underway with Metro Water Services. All are part of Nashville’s Overflow Abatement Program, an ongoing effort by Metro Water Services to improve the water quality of the Cumberland River and its tributaries in middle Tennessee. Since 1990, Metro Water Services has invested over $841 million in more than 250 projects to reduce combined and sanitary sewer overflows.