JDE Equipment Hosts Demo Days Event in Detroit

Thu July 21, 2005 - Midwest Edition

Pete Kibby, assistant sales manager of the Detroit office of JDE Equipment Company, hosted Demo Days for the John Deere pull-type scrapers at several locations in the Detroit area the week of June 13.

For the demonstration, Kibby arranged a 9520 tractor with two 1810E 18-yd. ejector scrapers in a train providing a capacity of 36 cu. yds. (21.5 cu m). The demonstration was held outside Rochester, MI, at Toll Brothers’ new 250-unit housing development where B & V Construction Inc. has been contracted to perform site prep work.

B & V Construction is one of the Detroit areas’ largest site-balancing contractors. According to President David J. Park, the company is always open to learning new ways to move material. The demonstration was Park’s first time watching the pull type scrapers in action and he said that he liked what he saw.

“The scrapers picked up a good sized load and aren’t pumping the ground,” he said.

Pumping is a term for the ruts often left by motorgraders that result in loads that are mixed — topsoil with the layer below — and not as clean for reuse.

“[I’ll] definitely give the scrapers consideration,” he said.

Scraper Product Specialist Michael Rieth came up from John Deere’s Cameco manufacturing plant in Thibodaux, LA, to be on hand and lend his expertise. Kibby said that although he is familiar with the complete line of John Deere construction equipment, the company is very supportive in sending product experts into the field to provide detailed technical information on specific products.

As Rieth explained it, John Deere’s pull-type scrapers offer some primary benefits that all add up to cost savings in:

• Reduced labor

• Lower capital investment cost

• Fuel Economy

• Tractor and Pan engineered and sold as a unit for the most compatible design and single source product support

Although the tractor’s green color might take a little getting used to on the construction job site, the John Deere 9020 Series scraper tractor lineup is built for the demands of the construction environment. With models ranging from 375 to 450 hp (279.5 to 335 kW), the tractors have a variety of features that push technology, productivity and profitability levels. CEG