Ky. Contractor Clears Site With Bodine Wood Splitter

Mon March 12, 2007 - Midwest Edition

In mid-October 2006, Larry Phillips, owner/operator of Phillips Brothers Construction in Vine Grove, Ky., needed some help for an upcoming job clearing 100 acres (40.5 ha) of land for a future development site. The land was full of mature trees, including hickory, and different types of oak.

Phillips went to a friend, a fellow contractor, to explain his situation. Phillips’ friend had recently purchased a Bodine wood splitter, a splitter/stumper that only uses the machine’s existing hydraulics, and suggested the machine would suit Phillips’ dilemma. Additionally, Phillips’ friend had purchased excavator attachments from Bodine in the past and was familiar with Bodine products.

Phillips Brothers Construction ended up borrowing one of excavators equipped with the Bodine wood splitter from the fellow contractor. Phillips immediately put the wood splitter to work. He indicated that the wood splitter worked better than a chainsaw and only took a few days to clear and cut up the trees.

“It was the biggest pile of wood you’d ever seen,” Phillips said after seeing the work done on the development site. “I am so impressed with it [wood splitter] because it just keeps going and going.”

Phillips Brothers Construction employs more than 50 people and works with more than 50 pieces of heavy equipment, including excavators, dozers, scrapers, and backhoes. Phillips Brothers Construction have been in business for more tha 24 years, and specializes in site development.

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