MA Turnpike to Launch $12 Million Safety Upgrade

Wed February 25, 2004 - National Edition

BOSTON (AP) Massachusetts Turnpike officials are planning to launch a $12 million safety upgrade on the Boston end of the roadway, building new concrete median barriers and installing new wiring to keep the highway’s lights working.

The 10-month project will involve 7 mi. (11.3 km) of the Turnpike between the Weston and Allston/Brighton interchanges.

The project, the most ambitious on the Boston end of the roadway since it opened in 1964, will require workers to remove the existing 27-in. (68.6 cm) median guardrail and replace it with the new, higher concrete barriers and wiring.

The new barriers are designed to prevent cars from vaulting the median and to cut down on nighttime glare from oncoming traffic.

During construction, the Turnpike will shift some lanes, reduce the speed limit in the work zone to 45 miles per hour and take some lanes out of service during off-peak hours.

Work is expected to be mostly completed by the end of December, with repaving begun in early 2005.