Machine Allows Shelby to Get In and Out of Tight Spots

Thu September 11, 2008 - Southeast Edition
Ryan Swindell

Shelby Contracting likes the Power Curber 5700-C for parking lots and subdivisions.

“The Power Curber is great,” said Bo Gay, machine operator of Shelby, a Huntsville, Ala., company that focuses on curb-and-gutter work.

Gay has been doing flatwork and curb-and-gutter work for 15 years. Previously, he operated a competitive machine for seven years. He was reluctant to make the switch.

When Shelby began the purchasing process, the Power Curber 5700-C was entering the picture.

“We decided to give it a try,” said Gay. “I don’t have any complaints at all. It does what I want it to do.”

With the other machine, getting in and out of tight spots could be difficult.

“A 25-foot radius was the smallest we could turn,” said Gay.

An experienced operator can turn a 2-ft. (0.6 m) radius with the 5700-C, increasing productivity in parking lot work.

This article was reprinted with permission from Power Curbers Inc.