Major Wire’s Flex-Thane Eliminates Blinding, Pegging

Wed April 02, 2008 - National Edition

Flex-Thane — the latest product from Montreal-based Major Wire Industries Limited — is a Flex-Mat solution for flat-deck polyurethane and rubber screens, which also increases production.

The product combines the efficiency and performance of Major Wire’s Flex-Mat technology with the easy installation of polyurethane and rubber panels to virtually eliminate blinding and pegging problems on flat-surface screen decks. Flex-Thane’s independently vibrating wires, bonded in place with the distinctive lime green polyurethane strips, also provide more open area for far greater throughput, higher production and better efficiency than polyurethane and rubber screens in hard-to-screen applications, according to the manufacturer.

Flex-Thane’s modular panels install easily on most common flat-surface screen decks, similar to traditional polyurethane and rubber panels.

Polyurethane and rubber screen media have long been popular for their abrasion resistance, suitability in wet screening applications and simple screen panel changes. But producers who use polyurethane and rubber screen panels often sacrifice significant production for wear life. Especially in wet screening conditions — whether through the use of spray bars or through climate conditions — polyurethane and rubber screen openings will often plug or blind. The result for the producer is frequent shutdowns for screen cleaning, wasted material and/or out-of-spec material, which defeats the purpose of a sizing screen altogether.

The new solution is Flex-Thane. Because this Flex-Mat product ends blinding and pegging on flat, modular screen decks, producers using these types of screens now will realize better throughput, consistent production of spec material and better production numbers, increasing their overall profits, according to the manufacturer.

The product is available in 1- by 1-ft. (0.3 by 0.3 m) and 1- by 4-ft. (0.3 by 1.2 m) panel sizes, with a variety of locking systems to fit virtually any flat-surface polyurethane screen deck. It can be custom-made in 1- by 2-ft. (03. by 0.6 m) and 1- by 3-ft. (0.3 by 0.9 m) sizes, as well as in mixed dimensions.

Major Wire Industries Limited offers a wide range of woven wire, Flex-Mat and polyurethane screen media that meets the specific needs of customers. Founded in 1884, Major Wire designs, manufactures and markets Flex-Mat 3 High-Performance, Self-Cleaning Screen Media; Flex-Thane Flex-Mat solution for flat-deck screens; OptimumWire woven tempered and stainless steel wire cloth and polyurethane panels for the quarry, mining, recycling and industrial markets. Major Wire is ISO 9001:2000 registered.

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