Manitowoc Crane Care Highlights Range of Services at ConExpo

📅   Wed January 19, 2011 - National Edition

Manitowoc Crane Care will highlight its newest EnCORE program — EnCORE Partners — at ConExpo-Con/AGG.

One major focus at the Manitowoc Cranes stand (Gold Lot, number 430) will be a Manitowoc 888 crawler crane that was completely remanufactured jointly by Manitowoc Crane Care and EnCORE program partner H&E Equipment Services, headquartered in Baton Rouge, La.

H&E is the first U.S. dealer to participate in Manitowoc Crane Care’s EnCORE Partners remanufacturing program.

Bob Hund, executive vice president of Manitowoc Crane Care, said: “This program provides Manitowoc and Grove crane owners with highly competitive remanufacture and repair options from several Manitowoc dealers with highly qualified factory-trained technicians using repair procedures developed in concert with factory engineers. When using one of our EnCORE Partners, the customer can rest assured that all work has been performed to exacting factory specifications and that the original load chart remains valid.

“For dealers that qualify to participate in the EnCORE Partners program,” he said, “Manitowoc Crane Care will provide increased technical and service support to bolster the remanufacturing offering they already provide or to develop new dealers to a higher level of customer support through remanufacturing.”

The Model 888, owned by Turner Industries Group LLC was originally manufactured in 1996 and had been working along the U.S. Gulf Coast region on general construction, as well as chemical and petrochemical projects. Turner owns a full arsenal of lift enhancement attachments for this crane including a fixed jib, luffing jib, and heavy lift RINGER attachment. The investment in these attachments was one of the deciding factors when considering whether or not to remanufacture this crane, according to the company.

Tom Fox, service manager for H&E Birmingham said the crane was completely overhauled and remanufactured following Manitowoc Crane Care specifications and guidance.

“The crane was disassembled to its bare frames, weldments were checked, new parts and components were installed and finally the entire crane received a ’show quality’ paint finish,” Fox said. “In summary, every component and structure on this crane was inspected and refurbished from front to back and boom tip to crawler pad.”

The process began in November 2010 and was completed by the end of January 2011. H&E estimated that it will be able to completely overhaul this 888 for approximately half the cost of a new crane

“For Turner Industries, this is particularly important because it allows them to continue using a number of attachments they already own, including a RINGER, with this and other cranes in their fleet,” said Gilberto Ferreira, EnCORE Partners director.

All parts used to remanufacture the Turner 888 crane are genuine Manitowoc Crane Care parts, and the technicians and certified welders working on the crane underwent extensive factory-certified training. Each helps to ensure that Turner has a reliable, long-lasting remanufactured crane. The use of genuine Manitowoc certified and supplied parts is not only essential on remanufactured cranes, but for all cranes in daily operation around the world, according to the company.

After the crane leaves ConExpo, it will return to Turner Industries’ fleet in Baton Rouge, La. where it will be readied for its next project.

Manitowoc Crane Care also provides an EnCORE Suppliers program for customer benefit — a network of regional and national companies that rebuild and refurbish crane components. Each EnCORE component is updated to original factory specs so crane customers can be assured that they are buying genuine OEM specification parts.

Current components in the EnCORE Suppliers program include:

• Hydraulic cylinders for most cranes

• Hydraulic pumps and motors for crawler cranes

• Turntable bearings for most cranes

• Torque converters for crawler cranes

• Grove and National Crane LMI upgrade programs

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