Martell Finishes Work Despite Short Pouring Season

Thu January 31, 2008 - Midwest Edition
Ryan Swindell

Every year, Martell Construction of Green Bay, Wis., manages to pour nearly 350,000 linear ft. (106,680 m) of curb and sidewalk. And that’s in Wisconsin’s short pouring season between April and November.

Chris Kapla, machine operator of Martell, credits his “amazing co-workers” and the company’s two Power Curber machines, the 5700-B and Super-B.

“I don’t think there’s a better machine made,” he said of the Power Curber brand. “It’s built like a tank and made to run. It’s got more power than you even need.”

Kapla also praised the Martell crew for the company’s success.

“From those who work behind the machine to those who set the string line and prepare the grade, all these guys are great,” said Kapla.

It’s this kind of teamwork, coupled with the power and efficiency of the Power Curber machines, that enables Martell to see such productive results, according to the company.

“We’ve even poured 6,100 feet in 10 1/2 hours using the 5700-Super-B,” Kapla said. “We log in over 1,200 hours between April and November and the machine never breaks down.

“The service has been great. The guys in tech support have always been so helpful, answering any questions that we may have,” said Kapla.

This article was reprinted with permission from Power Curbers Inc.