MBA Donates $100K to Children

Wed November 06, 2002 - Northeast Edition

The Master Builders’ Association of Western Pennsylvania (MBA) and the Construction Advancement Program of Western Pennsylvania Fund (CAP) have donated $100,000 to the 29 children who lost a parent during the crash of United Flight 93 in Shanksville, PA, on Sept. 11, 2001.

This donation, which translates into $3,450 per child, was made recently through the PA SEPT 11 Victim Assistance Program to make a positive difference in the lives of these young people.

“While millions of dollars were being collected by charitable organizations, many families left with the responsibility of caring for the victim’s children are struggling to provide immediate basic needs,” said Jack Ramage, executive director of MBA.

“We wanted to help relieve some of the financial hardship, and decided to raise $100,000 for the children who lost a parent on that horrific day.”

MBA and CAP raised the first $50,000 and challenged the western Pennsylvania construction industry to match that amount. In a tremendous display of support and compassion, contractors quickly rose to the occasion and responded with generous donations of their own to bring the total to $100,000.

Although this is the first time that MBA has made a donation of this kind, the MBA and CAP boards felt a special need to reach out to the children of this tragedy because it hit so close to home.

The entire amount of $100,000, which was distributed through the PA SEPT 11 Victim Assistance Program, was divided equally among the 29 surviving minor children of the victims of United Flight 93. Each child received $3,450 and although no specific stipulations have been placed on the use of the money, it is intended to provide immediate financial assistance to the surviving parent or guardian for the care, custody, and education of the child.

“We hope this donation is some small way can help to alleviate the immediate financial concerns of the families,” said Ramage.

MBA and CAP are construction industry trade associations comprised of union affiliated building construction contractors in Pittsburgh and southwestern Pennsylvania.