Mineta Notes $98.9M in Emergency Relief

Wed December 11, 2002 - Southeast Edition

U.S. Secretary of Transportation Norman Y. Mineta recently announced that $98.9 million in emergency relief funds will be provided to 23 states, American Samoa, Puerto Rico and Guam to repair federal-aid roads that have been damaged as a result of flooding, storms and other natural disasters. Also included are relief funds for several disasters that damaged roads on federal lands around the country.

“Helping states after an emergency is an important responsibility of the federal government,” Mineta said. “By restoring damaged roadways, we can help local communities to fully recover from natural disasters, and that’s why we’re doing what we can to help these states and territories complete the restoration process.”

The $98.9 million in emergency relief funds, which are administered by the department’s Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), was provided in response to requests from states and other jurisdictions for help to repair federal-aid roads and bridges. FHWA division administrators in each state work closely with state and local officials to assess damage and review funding requests. FHWA money is awarded after the president or the governor issues a formal emergency proclamation and the state files a preliminary damage assessment for its highways and bridges on the federal-aid system.

The funds reimburse the state for the damage repair work that is already completed and provides funding for the remaining damage repair work to correct major or unusual damage to federal-aid highways.

Eligible repair work includes reconstructing damaged bridges and pavement surfaces, establishing detours, removing slides and debris, and replacing signs, lighting and guardrails.

The following is a list of states in the Southeast region that will receive 2003 emergency relief funds:


Event: Jan. 5, 02, I-65 Bridge Failure

Amount: $1,003,000

State Total: $1,003,000


Event: December 2000 Icestorm

Amount: $7,481,000

State Total: $7,481,000

Puerto Rico

Event: November 2001 Flood

Amount: $705,000

State Total: $705,000


Event: July 2001 Flood

Amount: $367,000

State Total: $367,000

West Virginia

Event: July 2001 Flood

Amount: $1,264,000

Event: May 2002 Flood

Amount: $4,395,000

State Total: $5,659,000

Region Total: $15,215,000

FLH Management


Various events

Amount: $12,050,000

State Total: $12,050,000.