Motivational Speaker Brian Parsley Addresses Dealers At Bandit¹s 2016 Dealer Meeting

Thu November 03, 2016 - National Edition

Brian Parsley
Brian Parsley

“It's not what you say; it's what they hear,” said motivational speaker Brian Parsley to over 300 Bandit dealer representatives during Bandit's 2016 dealer meeting, which took place August 9-11 in and around the company's global headquarters in mid-Michigan. Held every three years, the dealer meeting is an opportunity for Bandit dealer representatives to see the manufacturing process up close, while also receiving specialized training. It's also an opportunity for Bandit personnel to interact directly with dealers and gain valuable feedback on equipment, designs and trends.

“At these meetings we learn as much from our dealers as they learn from us,” said Bandit Industries President Jerry Morey. “The relationship we have with our dealers is very much a partnership, and we're proud of the strong ties that exist between us all.”

This year, Bandit Industries invited noted speaker Brian Parsley to help kick-off the event with a rousing presentation on “The Power of Influence.” A successful businessman, Parsley founded and sold two successful start-up companies and was on The Business Journal's Top 40 Executives Under 40 at age 34.

His witty banter, engaging storytelling and striking insight into creating and developing successful relationships has made him a sought-after speaker for companies large and small, including the Tree Care Industry Association, where Parsley was the keynote speaker at the 2016 Winter Management Conference.

That's where Morey met Parsley. After striking up a conversation, Morey invited Parsley to Bandit's 2016 dealer meeting.

“When I heard him speak at the Winter Management Conference, I knew our dealers had to hear his message,” said Morey. “His thoughts on relationships and taking care of customers really line up with our philosophies, and he also has a great way of boiling down abstract ideas to simple actions.”

Some of those simple actions Focus on what you're great at. Your actions and inactions influence other people. And you never know when or where your next big sale or client could come from. Those are just a few of the many points Parsley covered in his 90-minute presentation to Bandit dealers.

“We had lots of great feedback from our dealers on his presentation,” said Morey. “We're definitely looking forward to working with Brian again.