NAPA Honors Southeast Contractors With Excellence Award

Mon February 16, 2004 - Southeast Edition

The National Asphalt Paving Association (NAPA) has announced the winners of its 2003 Quality in Construction Award for excellence in construction of a hot mix asphalt (HMA) pavement. The presentations were made at a special ceremony at the association’s 49th annual convention in Phoenix, AZ.

“NAPA selects the award recipients using a known set of standards that have been shown to give good results,” commented Peter A. Wilson, chairman of the NAPA board of directors. “This award demonstrates the high quality of work that the HMA industry is achieving.”

Some Winners and Projects


Hosea O. Weaver & Sons Inc. of Mobile

• Work on approximately 5 mi. of Interstate 65 north in Mobile County.

This $26-million project included many facets of construction including bridges, traffic signals, roadway lighting systems, culverts, pipe and median barrier rail, and grading. Most of the paving was done at night.

With 14 subcontractors working on the project, Hosea O. Weaver & Sons had to schedule carefully to produce high-quality HMA pavement.


Anderson Columbia Co. Inc. of Cantonment

• Work on Interstate 10 in Escambia County from the Perdido River to U.S. 29.

The purpose of the project was to rehabilitate a badly deteriorated section of concrete pavement.

The company cracked and seated the existing concrete, then placed an asphalt rubber membrane interlay, a 5-in. HMA structural course, and an open-graded surface course. All of the work on this 9-mi. section was accomplished while maintaining normal traffic conditions.

Atlantic Coast Asphalt Co. of Jacksonville

• Milling and overlay of State Road 9A including the 2,600-ft.-long Dames Point Bridge over the St. Johns River.

Working only at night, with one lane remaining open to traffic at all times, the company won bonus pay for the quality of asphalt that it produced and achieved very smooth transitions between the road and the bridge deck.

• Milling and overlay of 75 percent of the streets in the downtown Jacksonville area, approximately 40 lane mi.

The job had to be completed in less than three months. Despite obstacles such as manholes, water and gas valves, and difficult scheduling, the company produced, five days ahead of schedule, a pavement that was exceptional in appearance and ride quality.

Duval Asphalt Products Inc. of Jacksonville

• Milling and overlay of State Road 134 (103rd Street) in Jacksonville.

During construction, the company found that the depth of the existing pavement varied from 1.75 in. to as much as 4 in. It installed a binder course; in variable depths, which dictated many changes in rolling patterns to achieve the proper density. The result was a smooth, high-quality pavement.

• Paving of a new bridge on State Road 21, Blanding Boulevard.

The company built the bridge in separate phases so that construction would not interrupt traffic flow. This required 10 separate mobilizations of paving operations during a 12-month period.

Bridge, roadway, and paving contractors worked in close cooperation to complete the project on time.

Middlesex Construction of Leesburg

• Milling and resurfacing of State Road 436 in Seminole County.

The project offered many challenges: its route contained numerous businesses, a mall, and a hospital; the road is one of the most heavily traveled in Central Florida; the existing surface was old and had numerous potholes; the asphalt plant was located 40 mi. away; and work was restricted to the hours between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. every day.

In addition to overcoming these obstacles, the company constantly monitored its paving to produce a smooth 2.8 mi. of roadway.

Orlando Paving Co. of Orlando, FL, a division of Hubbard Construction Co.

• Reconstruction and widening of State Road 426 to four lanes.

Because the road is a heavily-traveled commuter route, the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) had offered a bonus for early completion.

With close cooperation between FDOT and the contractor, the road was completed four months ahead of schedule. The project was one of the first FDOT District 5 projects to use a Superpave mix for the asphalt base.


APAC-Southeast Inc., Georgia Division, of Tyrone

• Widening and overlay of sections of State Road 109 in Troup County, Georgia.

Using modern electronics and proven construction practices, APAC-Southeast Inc., Georgia Division, was able to achieve a 33-percent improvement in ride quality.

The company took special traffic control precautions to protect the nearby freshwater lake.

• Milling and overlay work on State Road 74 in Fayette County.

The company paved mostly at night, with special time restrictions. Using proven paving techniques and modern equipment, it achieved a 36 percent improvement in ride quality.

With quality-control practices, it was able to achieve 100-percent pay for all of the HMA mixtures used in the paving.

• Milling and overlay work on 24 mi. of Interstate 85 in Banks, Barrow, and Jackson counties.

Using modern electronics and proven construction techniques, the company was able to achieve an average smoothness index of 402 on the road, which the Georgia Department of Transportation has called the best ever recorded in the state.

E. R. Snell Contractors of Snellville

• Resurfacing of State Road 368 in Elbert County.

Using an asphalt batch plant, the company produced an average of 150 tons of HMA per hour.

With good equipment, steady production, and skilled labor, it improved the ride quality of the road by 48 percent.

Reeves Construction Co.

of Americus and

Georgia Department of Transportation

• Work on 27.25 mi. of State Road 15 in Greene County.

Work included 2 ft. of widening, shoulder reconstruction, milling, inlay, plant mix resurfacing, and single surface treatment seal. The company used a drum plant to produce the HMA, averaging 250 tons per hour.

A combination of good equipment, steady production and skilled labor resulted in a high-quality road, which showed a 33-percent improvement in ride quality.

Southern Asphalt, a

division of Robinson Paving, of Columbus

• Resurfacing of approximately 11 mi. of State Road 520/U.S. 280 in Stewart County.

Using good equipment, steady production, and skilled labor, the company achieved a ride improvement of 42 percent on the repaved road.

The Scruggs Co. of


• Work on State Road 300/ State Road 3 in Thomas County.

The company resurfaced 15.697 mi. of the road. The drum asphalt plant used to produce the HMA averaged 200 tons per hour.

With good equipment, steady production, and skilled labor, the company improved the ride quality of the road by 32 percent.

North Carolina

Mangum Asphalt Services LLC of Raleigh

• Widening of approximately 3 mi. of Interstate 40 in Durham/Raleigh.

The project added a median travel lane in both east and westbound directions separated by a new median concrete barrier.

This busy highway had a daily traffic count of approximately 142,000 vehicles. The company worked under extremely difficult conditions, including weather delays such as a major ice storm, record rainfalls, and Hurricane Isabel.

Most operations were performed in very limited space, with lane closures and construction-related access restricted to evenings.

Despite the delays, and problems posed by extremely wet conditions, the company completed this high-quality project on time.

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