National Interest at Stake With Keystone XL

Fri March 14, 2014 - National Edition

Nineteen national construction associations joined Associated Equipment Distributors (AED) in comments to the U.S. State Department underscoring the Keystone XL pipeline project is unequivocally in the national interest and urging swift approval of the project.

The State Department recently completed its final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), which, similar to past findings, determined the negative environmental effects of the Keystone XL pipeline will be minimal, while the project will provide significant economic and national security benefits. The report projects the pipeline’s construction would support more than 42,000 jobs across the country, translating to $2 billion in earnings for workers.

“The construction industry unanimously agrees: The Keystone XL pipeline is critical to jobs, economic growth, and national security, and is indisputably in our national interest,” said AED President and CEO Brian McGuire. “The administration has no excuse not to quickly approve the project.”

The coalition pointed to the long-lasting benefit the pipeline will have on local communities, echoing findings in the final EIS.

“The Keystone XL pipeline operations will continue to employ American workers and generate economic activity. Importantly, property tax revenue during operations would be substantial for many counties, with an increase of 10 percent or more in 17 of the 27 counties with proposed project facilities, directly benefiting local communities.”