New Packing Plant to Make Its Home in Madisonville, KY

Sat August 14, 2004 - Midwest Edition

MADISONVILLE, KY (AP) A new meat-slicing and packing plant that will employ between 200 and 500 people will open in Madisonville next year, company officials announced.

Construction on the $49 million Land O’ Frost plant is expected to begin in October and be completed in the fall of 2005, with an initial hiring of roughly 200 people, officials said Aug. 4.

The 180,000-square-foot plant will occupy a 28.8 acre tract of land on the city’s west side across from the General Electric plant on land formerly owned by the Hopkins County Board of Education and the city of Madisonville.

The company will receive approximately $21 million in incentives from the state over the next 15 years, county officials said.

The Land O’ Frost brand is the fifth largest selling lunchmeat in the country. The company owns plants in Lansing, IL, and Searcy, AR.