New Max Climber Boasts Lift Capacity of Up to 3,300 Lbs.

Wed July 26, 2006 - National Edition

Beta Max Inc., has introduced its new Max Climber 3300 transport platform hoist system. The Max Climber 3300 TP offers a 13.5 by 5-ft. (4.1 by 1.5 m) material platform for lifting general building materials in a variety of construction trades, including masonry, restoration, glazing and drywall.

Using a single mast, the rack and pinion hoist features galvanized mast sections with a payload lifting capacity of up to 3,300 lbs. (1,496.9 kg). The system can be anchored to a building or scaffolding using tube and clamp tie-ins at 20-ft. (6.1 m) intervals.

To ensure worker safety, the Max Climber 3300 TP features a ramp with side fencing for safe access while loading and unloading above ground level as well as an interlocking ground enclosure to keep workers out of the hoistway while the unit is operating.

The Max Climber 3300 TP comes equipped with a roof and a certified overspeed braking system that engages if the hoist descends too quickly.

The heavy gauge aluminum loading ramp and basket floor along with the galvanized mast and base system components ensure the long life of the Max Climber 3300TP. For simpler maintenance, the Max Climber 3300 TP includes an easy-to-access electrical panel and drop test operation, according to the manufacturer.

In addition, the Max Climber 3300 TP is available with an onboard jib and hoist to simplify mast installation. All Beta Max hoist systems meet UL, CSA and OSHA specifications.

About Beta Max Inc.

Beta Max Inc., Of Melbourne, FL, has been providing the construction and restoration industries with alternate methods for lifting building materials for more than 18 years.

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