NJ Law to Require Public Owners to Pay Traffic Directing Costs

Fri August 04, 2006 - Northeast Edition

Earlier this year, the Utility and Transportation Contractors Association (UTCA) initiated New Jersey state legislation that will require public owners to pay for the cost of Uniformed Traffic directors when they are on local projects. The new law, PL 2006 Chapter 9, is now part of New Jersey’s Local Public Contract Laws.

The new law noted that public owners must indicate in contract documents that all costs for Uniformed Traffic Directors will be paid directly by the owner or an allowance will be included in bid proposals that includes an estimate for the cost so that all bidders include the same amount in their bids. The new legislation was effective with all contract advertisements beginning April 12, 2006.

Over the years, the cost for the use of Uniformed Traffic Directors has become prohibitive and often unknown to the contractor at the time of the bidding. UTCA’s new law eliminated this cost to the contractor.

UTCA is monitoring the implementation of the new law, and several public owners have had to postpone the acceptance of bids for a few days in order to comply with the provisions of the new law. A copy of the law may be obtained from the UTCA.

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