Obama’s Plan Could Bring 20K New Jobs to Granite State

Fri November 21, 2008 - Northeast Edition

PORTSMOUTH, N.H. (AP) A new study by the University of New Hampshire said that the state could see 20,000 new “green’’ jobs if Congress passes President-elect Barack Obama’s $150 billion energy plan.

The state currently has approximately 17,000 jobs in the new energy technology field but if more is invested, the study shows, that number could grow to more than 40,000 jobs. These jobs would be in construction, real estate development, heating and design. The average wage for green jobs in New Hampshire is $54,400 a year, which is above the state average.

The study, conducted by UNH economics professor Ross Gittell, shows that Rockingham and Hillsborough county are among the six top counties in the country for green jobs because of the number of companies based there that are working on energy efficiency and new technologies.