PENNDOT: New Law Requiring Headlights to be Turned on in Work

Fri February 21, 2003 - National Edition

Acting Pa. State Transportation Secretary Allen D. Biehler announced that starting Feb. 21, motorists must turn their vehicles’ headlights on when traveling through a work zone to comply with state law.

"This is yet another proactive step that the Commonwealth is taking to help curtail the senseless deaths that occur in work zones," Biehler said.

According to Biehler, PENNDOT is in the process of supplying all its county maintenance forces with new signs that will be used at the start of most work zones to remind motorists to turn their headlights on.

Also, PENNDOT is assuring that contractors who do PENNDOT work are securing the signs from approved sign manufacturers.

Additionally, PENNDOT said that municipalities and utility companies will use the new signs onmany of their larger projects, particularly on high-speed roads.

According to PENNDOT, the law is a secondary and punishable by a fine of $25 when signs are in place.

PENNDOT will work closely with the Pennsylvania State Police to enforce the new law.

"By turning on their headlights, motorists will show support for work zone safety and help save lives and prevent injuries while complying with the law," said State Police Acting Commissioner Jeffrey B. Miller.

This is the first step in a host of new work zone safety initiatives that Pennsylvania will adopt this year as the result of Act 229 of 2002.