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Productivity Comes Standard With Terex Skid Steer Loaders

Offering four radial lift path models, as well as five vertical lift path models, Terex designed its skid steer loaders with some of the best ground clearances and rear angles of departure in the indu

Tue April 08, 2014 - National Edition

Terex offers a full line of skid steer loaders — vertical lift path and radius lift path — to complement its line of compact equipment. With models ranging from 50 to 85 hp, Terex skid steer loaders are designed to be more productive than other brands, due to their high ground clearances and rear angles of departure, high travel speeds, increased fuel capacities, strong tractive effort and mechanical-faced axle seals, according to the manufacturer.

“Terex skid steer loaders are engineered to give operators more power and productivity during operation and are built to keep working when and where others can’t,” said Jamie Wright, product manager, Terex Construction Americas. “Terex skid steer loaders are ideal for applications where contractors and owner/operators need reliable, productive machines that get the job done efficiently and cost effectively.”

Offering four radial lift path models, as well as five vertical lift path models, Terex designed its skid steer loaders with some of the best ground clearances and rear angles of departure in the industry: 10.5-in (26.7 cm) ground clearance and 29 degree rear angle of departure on medium-frame loaders and 26 degree on large-frame loaders. These features improve the ability of the machine to traverse soft, uneven terrain, making the workday more productive and less frustrating.

Offering impressive tractive effort on all models — 8,453 lb. on the medium-frame models and 8,700 lb. on the large-frame models, Terex skid steer loader operators are able to move more material per loader per day than other brands, according to the manufacturer. The drive pumps and motors on these loaders are performance matched to provide operators with the optimum amount of hydraulic horsepower on every task. Terex loaders are also designed with load-sensing hydraulics to ensure that fuel and energy are not wasted on surplus hydraulic power, so operators can push material, dig, grade and drive-through the toughest job site conditions, yet conserve power when requirements are less demanding. For increased versatility, the loader arms on the Terex models are designed to easily accommodate over-the-tire steel tracks, and because these loaders run cool, allowing operators to work longer in hot, humid environments.

To get more done on every job site, Terex offers performance-matched attachments for its skid steer loader line, including auger, backhoe, rotary broom, general purpose bucket, light-material bucket, multi-purpose bucket, dozer blade, pallet forks, power box rake, snow blade, snow blower, stump grinder, trencher, vibratory roller and the Loegering Eliminator rake. Each attachment comes standard with the necessary hydraulic lines and connectors or electric connections for a quick, easy fit.

Terex skid steer loaders are built to get loading, picking and carrying, grading, back dragging or snow removal jobs done faster and more efficiently. For quick cycle times, a powerful drive train with optional 2-speed transmission propels Terex loaders up to 12 mph. Terex loaders also offer increased fuel capacities with 25-gal. fuel tanks in the medium-frame loaders and 30-gal. fuel tanks in the large-frame models, translating to longer operating times between refueling.

Productivity of the new Terex skid steer loaders also is enhanced by the ergonomic operator’s environment. The tower design on the loaders offers enhanced visibility, while the sealed and pressurized cab on the new Terex loaders provides a clean operating environment. Open-style and enclosed cab operator stations are available, allowing Terex customers to select a machine to best suits their job site needs.

“Everything from the hydraulics to the balanced machine weight, ensures smooth operation, reduced vibrations and exceptional stability, contributing to improved operator comfort,” said Wright.

To keep operators fresh and in control, hydraulic joystick controls come as standard equipment on all Terex loaders models, allowing for quick, agile manipulation of the machine’s bucket, loader and travel functions with minimal effort. The joystick controls feature built-in switches for auxiliary hydraulic and electric control of attachments — each model is pre-wired for quick, easy connection to attachments.

Terex knows that a working machine is a profitable machine. To combat unnecessary downtime and maintenance costs, mechanical-faced axle seals are standard in all Terex skid steer loaders. These seals greatly extend the life of the axle bearings by preventing the migration of material such as dust, sand and debris. Terex skid steer loaders also feature a tilt-up ROPS to ensure quick, trouble-free service checks by making all daily service points easily accessible.

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