Recovery Act Funds Project on State Route 36

Wed July 29, 2009 - West Edition

The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) District 2 has begun work on two projects on State Route 36 in Lassen and Plumas Counties.

A project on SR 36 near Chester has completed the first phase of a “Cold In-Place Recycle” pavement replacement and continued on July 27 with completion of a thin-blanket overlay. This project is part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and will recycle the existing pavement and overlay approximately 1.7 mi. (2.7 km) of State Route 36 in Plumas County beginning 0.5 mi. (0.8 km) west of Chester Safety Roadside Rest Area to just east of the Peninsula Road connection. This is considered an environmentally-innovative strategy that will utilize recycling of existing road materials. Traffic delays for this project are expected to be approximately 15 minutes. The project will minimize green house gas emissions and drastically reduce overall energy consumption during reconstruction to achieve a low-impact, cost-effective delivery.

A second project (not funded by ARRA) to replace or restore 21 culverts is underway on SR 36 in Lassen County near Westwood from 0.6 mi. (0.9 km) east of County Road A21 to 1.3 mi. (2 km) east of Goodrich Creek Bridge and includes a 1 mi. (1.6 km) lane closure with one-way traffic control and an approximate 10 minute delay. The project includes the extension of 14 culverts and the replacement of seven. This project will increase the roadway shoulder width allowing more room for snow removal in the winter and better access for maintenance of the drainage system.