Judge to Striking Workers: Get Back to Work

Thu July 09, 2015 - Northeast Edition

The New York Post is reporting that a federal judge has ordered a city carpenters union to get back to work by Monday, after members walked off job sites in violation of several labor agreements.

The New York City District Council of Carpenters began striking Wednesday at up to 20 sites after contract negotiations with the Cement League, a collective of unionized contractors, fell through.

At 12 of those sites — including Hudson Yards and World Trade Center 3 — project labor agreements forbid such stoppages.

Saturday, those deals and a petition from the Cement League led federal Judge Edgardo Ramos to issue a temporary restraining order instructing the union to have its members return to work.

Cement League director Michael Salgo described the strike as “frustrating and distressing,” noting that the absence of anywhere between 360 and 500 carpenters has cost builders millions of dollars in delays.

Contracts between the union and the league, as well as the Building Contractors Association and the Contractors’ Association of Greater New York, expired Wednesday. At least five work sites are subject solely to those deals.

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