Rowan University Will Spend $10M to Build Camden Facility

Thu May 01, 2003 - National Edition

CAMDEN (AP) Rowan University will spend $10 million to build a five-story, 50,000-sq.-ft. building that will allow it to double its student capacity and offer more programs.

Rowan President Donald Farish announced the school’s plans recently, noting that work is being funded in part through a $5-million grant that is included in the state’s $175-million revitalization plan for Camden. He said the building would be built somewhere on Cooper Street, but a precise location has not been chosen.

Farish said groundbreaking for the new facility would not occur for at least a year because the school must first acquire the property, raze any existing structures and obtain the necessary building permits. Once construction starts, it should be completed within 18 months and could open as early as fall 2005.

“We very much want this facility to be on Cooper Street so that it’s proximate to Rutgers-Camden and the county college, because the three institutions are really working very well together right now,” Farish said. “This is going to take some time.”

Rowan has had a presence in the city since 1969, and it now shares a building with Camden County College. The college will take over the building once the university moves into its new facility, and that will allow the college to increase its enrollment.