Ryan Auction Sales Takes Its Sales to the Internet

Thu July 08, 2010 - National Edition

Ryan Auction Sales LLC, a New England-based virtual auction company, hosted its first auction on May 5, 2010, from its headquarters in Concord, N.H.

With extensive experience in the auction industry, Ryan Auction Sales CEO E. Douglas Ryan saw an opportunity to break away from traditional auctions through the use of modern technology. Ryan Auction Sales was founded on the principle that an experienced group of professionals paired with the implementation of new technology can provide customers with the timely and cost effective service that a traditional auction cannot.

“The technology is easy and user-friendly,” Ryan said. “I learned how to bid online before I learned how to text.”

“Attending ground auctions is time consuming,” he added. “If you come for one item, you might waste all day and not even get what you came for.”

Virtual auctions provide a reliable alternative to being physically present at an auction, according to Ryan. Detailed information, including appraisals, is provided online, ensuring that bidders make educated buys.

In partnership with Equipmentfacts LLC, Ryan Auction Sales’ live streaming auctions include HD video and audio, allowing the user to see, hear, and experience all aspects of auction as it progresses.

Ryan Auction Sales holds a virtual auction every last Tuesday of the month. Auctions are accessible through the Ryan Auction Sales and Equipmentfacts homepages.

For more information, visit ryanauctionsales.com.