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Sennebogen Attachment Lineup Includes New 5-Tine Grapples

Tue December 11, 2012 - National Edition

Sennebogen 5-tine hydraulic grapple in action.
Sennebogen 5-tine hydraulic grapple in action.

The green line 5-tine hydraulic grapples recently introduced for Sennebogen scrap handlers include models ranging from .50 to 5 cu. yd. (.4 to 3.8 cu m).

The green line series was created by Sennebogen to meet most needs of its scrap handling customers. Constantino Lannes, president of Sennebogen LLC, said the new grapples simplify purchasing of Sennebogen scrap handling equipment. “Operators can now deal with a trusted standard of reliability and support for the complete productivity solution.”

The models with optional rotators provide high lift and torque capacity. Furthermore, the rotators are designed to accept high radial loads and axial loads, ideal for the pushing and pulling stresses in recycling applications. Each model operates within a wide pressure range, to a maximum of 5500 psi, to cover the widest possible range of equipment operating pressures, according to the manufacturer.

Protective features such as steel hose guards and cylinder guards enhance reliability by minimizing potential damage to critical components from impacts or debris. Direct hose routings further reduce the grapple’s exposure to damage.

All wear surfaces of the tines are 33 percent more wear resistant than T1 steel and tips are fabricated using a material providing 44 percent better abrasion resistance than typical AR-500 steel. The tines are specifically designed to shed material cleanly and prevent material accumulation.

Sennebogen grapples are available exclusively through authorized Sennebogen distributors throughout United States, Canada and South and Central America.

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