Several Forest Trails Open After Tropical Storm Irene

In New Hampshire, there’s been new trail construction and re-routing of trails out of flood-prone areas.

Tue January 27, 2015 - Northeast Edition
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CAMPTON, N.H. (AP) Several White Mountain National Forest trails damaged by Tropical Storm Irene in 2011 have reopened.

Forest officials said portions of the Greeley Ponds Trail, Livermore Trail and Flume Brook Trail in Waterville Valley had been closed.

Forest officials said there’s been new trail construction and re-routing of trails out of flood-prone areas.

The Greeley Ponds Trail was hit hard during the storm, when several feet of water ripped up rocky beds and knocked down trees. It provides backcountry cross-country skiing from Livermore Trial to Lower Greeley Pond. Parts of the trail were rerouted away from the banks of the Mad River. The new alignment offers an increase in difficulty in terms of grade; skiers need to use caution when approaching the newly constructed bridge where the trail crosses the river.

Forest officials said the Kancamagus Brook Cross Country Ski trail is still accessible via the re-routed Greeley Ponds Trail. It is more than half a mile longer as its junction with the Greeley Ponds Trail has been relocated further upstream alongside the Mad River. This trail will continue to be managed for winter use only.

Forest officials said the Flume Brook Trail has been decommissioned. However the “Flume” that was the trail’s destination can now be accessed by the new Irene’s Path. This new trail borrows sections from the former Kettles Path and a segment of Scaur Trail to arrive at the Flume via a newly constructed section of trail. Irene’s Path will be the name used for the entire alignment from Livermore Road to the Waterville Flume.