Sheehan Mack Adds Patz Corp. to Its Dealership

Sat August 31, 2013 - Midwest Edition

Sheehan Mack Sales & Equipment recently announced the addition of Patz mixer and feeder wagons to its dealership.

Patz is a Wisconsin-based business that was founded in 1948. The family-owned company designs, manufactures and markets worldwide equipment for material handling in the agricultural, industrial and commercial markets.

Cattle feeders and dairy operations have become a large market for Sheehan Mack to sell Volvo loaders and skid steers for the farmers to load their mixer wagons. Since Sheehan Mack is already providing these customers with loaders, it made sense to supply them the Patz mixer wagons as well, according to the company.

“With Volvo being known for their high quality, productivity and dependability; we wanted a mixer wagon with these attributes as well,” said Mike Sheehan, third generation owner of Sheehan Mack Sales and Equipment.

“Patz superior mixing system and long history of quality products fills that requirement.”

Patz has developed a wide variety of feed and manure handling products such as TMR feed mixers that are designed to save time and increase efficiency for valued customers. Sheehan Mack will offer the feeder wagons only. Patz equipment is sold through a network of dealers, distributors, and original equipment manufacturers worldwide.

Sheehan Mack Sales and Equipment is a third generation dealership in the trucking and equipment industry. The company provides more than 20 lines ranging from equipment, trucks, trailers and snow removal products. With three locations covering all of South Dakota and parts of Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota and Wyoming Sheehan Mack is able to service all of its products with competence and efficiency, according to the company

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