Start-Up Company’s The Gravelizer Emits No Pollution

Tue July 01, 2008 - National Edition
Construction Equipment Guide

Cutting costs, saving fuel and going green are buzz words in today’s society. A start-up company in Keene, N.H., is offering a new product that promises to address all three of those concerns for gravel pit operators, contractors, highway departments and anyone else in an industry in which gravel production or excavation are relevant.

Norman and Mary Jo Vaine and C.J. Jack are the inventors of The Gravelizer, a new screening tool that operates solely on the power of gravity, cutting out the need for an additional fuel supply. The Gravelizer cuts costs and it emits no pollution, leaves no undesirable by-products behind and does not require any additional pollution-emitting machinery to work, according to the manufacturer.

The Gravelizer is an attachment designed with a hinged grate system that can be connected to an excavator or loader bucket. It sifts material at the point of extraction. It works by keeping the desired aggregate in the bucket, while releasing the material that is too small. The manufacturer states that The Gravelizer can produce up to 4,000 cu. yd. (3,058 cu. m) a day, a significantly higher amount than the average 2,500 cu. yd. (1,911 cu m) per week of traditional static and powered screening systems. It also reduces the costs of operating a processor from between $3 and $4 to roughly $1 per yard, according to the manufacturer.

In addition, changing screens on The Gravelizer is reported to be quick and easy because there is no need to use another machine or a lifting device. The manufacturer states that one man can change screens on The Gravelizer in less than six minutes.

For more information call 603/352-6678 or visit


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