Steel Beams Halt Crews’ Work at Airport Terminal

Sat February 10, 2007 - Midwest Edition

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) Construction crews halted work on a section of the new passenger terminal at Indianapolis International Airport after two structural steel beams shifted.

Workers heard a loud thump Jan. 24 afternoon and saw that two horizontal beams that support the roof had moved, said David Dawson, a spokesman of the airport project.

He said the beams had shifted on the support towers that hold them up while they are being welded into place.

“When that shift occurred, we wanted to make sure that the conditions were safe, so we stopped work in that location of the project,” Dawson said. “We’ve brought in a couple of structural engineers to advise us on how to handle it.”

Approximately 25 people were working in the section of the terminal where the shift happened, but no injuries were reported.

Construction work began in 2005 on the new 40-gate terminal, scheduled to open in late 2008 between the airport’s main runways. The terminal building complex, estimated to cost $340 million, is the centerpiece of an approximately $1.1 billion airport project that includes a new control tower and a new interchange for Interstate 70.