Takeuchi Introduces New Wheel Loader Product Line

Wed September 27, 2006 - National Edition

Takeuchi’s new line of wheel loaders includes the TW50, TW60, TW65 and TW80. The operating weights are approximately 8,700 lbs. (3,946 kg), 10,250 lbs. (4,649 kg), 10,350 lbs. (4,695 kg), and 12,600 lbs. (5,715 kg), respectively.

Center pivot steering allows maneuverability with 40 degree articulation left or right. A 100 percent inching pedal allows reduced travel speed while providing full power to the hydraulic system.

The application for these loaders will be primarily for the material handling needs of landscaping, golf courses, nurseries, commercial, residential and highway construction.

For more information, call 706/693-3600 or visit www.takeuchi-us.com.