Terrebonne Revisits Houma Navigation Canal Lock Design

Mon July 07, 2014 - Southeast Edition

HOUMA, La. (AP) Design is once more under way for the most expensive public works project in Terrebonne Parish history.

The Houma Navigation Canal lock is estimated to cost more than $300 million. The Courier reported that it’s the lynchpin of Terrebonne’s best hopes for slowing wetlands loss.

The lock’s two gates will let boats travel through a narrow passage on the waterway between bayous Grand Caillou and Dularge. It will be just above the recently installed Bubba Dove Floodgate south of Dulac.

The lock complex will tie into continuing levee construction and will include a barge gate that would occasionaly open to let large vessels pass.

Louisiana’s coastal restoration authority has committed $50 million to engineer the lock over the next three years.