Tramac 625SH Shores Up CO Job

Sat November 02, 2002 - West Edition

Laying new storm and sewer pipe at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs, Parker Excavating had to protect existing sensitive utility lines from collapsing into the trenches. Parker laid 72 in. (183 cm) diameter pipes along 8,000-ft. (2438 m) with fiber optic and gas lines crossing the path frequently.

CEO Les Parker said crews dug into typical blow sand, which caves in easily. To protect its equipment, Parker shored up sandy soil with sheet piling, driven down 24 ft. (7.3 m), using a Tramac 625SH Vibro Hammer on a Cat 330. With the trench’s sides secured, trench boxes were placed in the opening.

Rich Naylor sales rep at Colorado Machinery in Pueblo West, said Parker had tried using a Tramac TR40 plate compactor, but the unit couldn’t extract the sheet piles after work was completed. Parker would have had to bring in a crane and more operators to handle the extraction, adding time and expense. Of the 625SH, Parker said, “It’s working very well and it’s easier and safer than what we were dong before.” He said the swivel head that allows the vibro hammer to rotate 90 degrees makes it easy to clamp onto and lift sheets from the ground. CEG

(This article appears courtesy of Tramac’s “Breaking News”)