Bobcat T300 Compact Track Loaders for Sale

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If you want to read about the Bobcat T300 CTL in action, particularly how the T300 helped the Gramercy Group of Westbury, N.Y., complete one of the largest mass transit construction projects in New York City, click here

Gramercy said, in part, that the Bobcat T300, with its steel-track undercarriage, proved invaluable on the project. The steel-track option for Bobcat compact track loaders, introduced in 2009, was designed for tough conditions, such as heavy demolition work ?this type of work can wreak havoc on rubber-or steel-reinforced rubber tracks.

Bobcat T300 Compact Track Loader Specs at a Glance

  • The enginemake is Kubota, model V3300TE
  • The Bobcat T300's gross power is 81 horsepower, with four cylinders
  • The Bobcat T300 CTL's operating weight is 9,702 pounds
  • The fuel capacity is 30 gallons
  • The machine's maximum speed is 6.6 miles per hour
  • The T300's operating load is 3,000 pounds
  • The tipping load is 9,208 pounds, while the bucket capacity is 0.52 cubic yards
  • The hydraulicpump flow is 21.2 gallons/minute
  • The relief valve pressure is 3,300 psi
  • The Bobcat T300's width over tracks is 6.5 feet
  • The length with bucket is 11.9 feet, while the machine's length without bucket is 9.6 feet
  • The T300's height to the top of the cab is 6.7 feet, while the clearance at maximum lift and dump is 8.3 feet
  • Its reach at maximum lift and dumpis 2.8 feet
  • The T300's turning radius from the center, including bucket is 84.2 inches.

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