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1998 Caterpillar 14H


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Machine Info:

Serial Number:7WJ00950
Machine Location:DENVER, CO

Specs from the manufacturer:

Blade Tip Angle - Front40 °
Blade Tip Angle - Rear5 °
Diameter72 in (182 cm)
Max Lift Above Ground17 in (42 cm)
Max Reach Outside Tires - Left81 in (206 cm)
Max Reach Outside Tires - Right82 in (208 cm)
Shift Left26 in (65 cm)
Shift Right21 in (52 cm)
Blade Base10 ft (3 m)
Front Ground Clearance2 ft (1 m)
Height to Top of Isomount Cab11 ft (3 m)
Overall Length31 ft (9 m)
Rear Ground Clearance1 ft (0 m)
Tandem Axle Wheelbase6 ft (2 m)
Wheelbase21 ft (6 m)
Width Over Tires9 ft (3 m)
Displacement629 cu in (0 m)
Engine Model3176 ATAAC
Max Power240 hp (179 kw)
Net Power Gear 1-2220 hp (164 kw)
Net Power Gear 4-6240 hp (179 kw)
Net Power Gear 5-6240 hp (179 kw)
Net Power Gears 7-8240 hp (179 kw)
Number of Cylinders6
Power Measured @2,000 rpm
Front Axle
Ground Clearance2 ft (1 m)
Oscillation - Total32 °
Wheel Lean18 °
Hydraulic System
Pump Flow64 gal/min (243 l/min)
Pump Typeaxial piston
Relief Valve Pressure3,500 psi
Blade Down Pressure34,518 lbs (15,657 kg)
Blade Pull at Max Weight52,660 lbs (23,886 kg)
Max Depth of Cut17 in (44 cm)
Moldboard Height27 in (69 cm)
Moldboard Thickness1 in (3 cm)
Moldboard Width14 ft (4 m)
Side Shift Left26 in (65 cm)
Side Shift Right31 in (79 cm)
Operating Specifications
Circle Gearbox Fluid Capacity2 gal (6 l)
Cooling System Fluid Capacity13 gal (48 l)
Fuel Capacity110 gal (416 l)
Hydraulic System Fluid Capacity33 gal (123 l)
Max Operation Weight - Front Axle19,425 lbs (8,811 kg)
Max Operation Weight - Rear Axle39,084 lbs (17,728 kg)
Max Operation Weight - Total58,509 lbs (26,540 kg)
Std Operation Weight - Front Axle11,695 lbs (5,305 kg)
Std Operation Weight - Rear Axle29,770 lbs (13,504 kg)
Std Operation Weight - Total41,465 lbs (18,808 kg)
Tandem Case Fluid Capacity (each)26 gal (97 l)
Transmission Fluid Capacity22 gal (82 l)
Steering System
Articulation Angle20 °
Turning Radius26 ft (8 m)
Max Speed - Forward27 mph (43 kph)
Max Speed - Reverse29 mph (47 kph)
Number of Gears - Forward8
Number of Gears - Reverse8
Transmission Typedirect drive, power shift, planetary

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