2019 JCB S1930E For Sale in Las Vegas, NV

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For Sale: $10,099.00 USD

Southwest JCB

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Machine Info:

Machine Location:LAS VEGAS NV, 89115


S1930E the compact electric scissor lift for operating in tight, restrictive spaces. With a high lift capacity, small footprint and unique design features, the S1930E is an uncompromising model within our range of safe, productive and easy-to-operate-and-service electric scissor lifts.

Machine Details:

General Condition

Specs from the manufacturer:

Brakes Type2
Drive and steer model2
Ground Clearance2.80 in (7 cm)
Solid tyre dimensions305
Turning Radius - Inside1.50 ft (0 m)
Turning Radius - Outside4.20 ft (1 m)
Weight3,364.30 lbs (1,526 kg)
Electrical System
Input voltage of Charger100
Output voltage of Charger25
Power unit4.50 hp (3 kw)
Engine ModelS1930E
Hydraulic System
Hydraulic Oil capacity(Power angle tilt dozer)3.70 gal (14 l)
Hydraulic system tank4.80 gal (18 l)
system pressure3,481 psi
Load capacity507.10 lbs (230 kg)
Drive Speed - Platform Elevated0.50 mph (1 kph)
Drive Speed - Platform Lowered1.90 mph (3 kph)
Extension outreach3 ft (1 m)
Max allowable side force (indoor)90 lbs/ft
Max allowable slope (side/side)1.50 °
Max allowable wind speed (outdoor)28 mph (45 kph)
Max Platform Height5.80 ft (2 m)
Max Working Height7.80 ft (2 m)
Max. allowable side force (outdoor)45 lbs/ft
Max. allowable slope (front/back)3 °
Overall height (stowed, guardrail unfolded)7 ft (2 m)
Overall length (stowed , guardrail folded)5.90 ft (2 m)
Overall width (stowed)2.50 ft (1 m)

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Southwest JCB

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