Vermeer Adds New Features to SC352 Stump Cutter

Wed August 16, 2006 - National Edition

Vermeer Manufacturing Company has reintroduced the SC352 stump cutter with new machine features. Targeted at filling the needs of contractors in the stump removal market, the SC352 offers four new features: a four-wheel drive (4WD) option; 35-hp (26 kW) Briggs and Stratton Vanguard BIG BLOCK gasoline engine option; chip blade option; and standard oscillating front steering axle.

Controlled at the operator’s station, the four-wheel drive feature on the SC352 is an optional offering to provide improved traction in difficult ground conditions.

“There are many job-site applications in which four-wheel drive is critical. Whether it’s mud, sand, or uneven terrain, the four-wheel drive option allows operators to get the machine to nearly any location,” said Chris Nichols, environmental sales manager of Vermeer.

Another optional feature of the SC352 is a 35-hp (26 kW) Briggs and Stratton Vanguard BIG BLOCK gasoline engine. Compact in design, the SC352 boasts the power necessary for right of way clearing jobs, but remains versatile and lightweight to tackle hard-to-reach stumps hidden in a backyard. The standard 35 in. (89 cm) overall machine width allows the machine to fit through most standard backyard gates.

Helping eliminate the need for manual shoveling during job-site cleanup is the optional chip blade. The blade, which can be lifted hydraulically from the operator’s station, moves chips into the hole made after removing a stump, or can be used to aid in collection for hauling chips off site.

A new standard feature on the SC352 is the oscillating front steering axle. Ground contact stability and tractive effort is improved in certain ground conditions with an oscillating front steering axle.