$23.6M Project to Rehabilitate Route 30 in Puerto Rico

Tue September 25, 2007 - Southeast Edition

The government continues its plan to update Puerto Rico’s highways with a $23.6 million project that will rehabilitate the segment of the Expreso Cruz Ortiz Stella on PR 30 that stretches from Caguas to Gurabo.

Carlos González Miranda, director of the Highway and Transportation Authority and secretary of the Department of Transportation and Public Works, said, “The improvements on PR 30 are a response to the need to keep optimum road conditions that will promote socioeconomic development in the central region and on this island.”

González Miranda; William Miranda Marín, mayor of Caguas; and Fernando I. Pont, temporary secretary of the Department of Transportation and Public Works, offered details of the work that will be carried out.

In an effort to build highways that are more resistant to damage caused over time and by heavy traffic, new methodologies will be used that will cause repairs to last longer and improve safety.

“The work that will be performed from kilometer 0.40 to 8.30 consists of improvements to the pavement base structure and rehabilitation with Superpave, in addition to improvements to existing bridges on this section of PR 30. We are going to restore the pavement and install metal barriers and a drainage system, as well as fixing signing and pavement markings to improve safety for all who use the highway,” he said.

“During April, with a significant investment of $33.4 million, a dynamic paving program was initiated to rehabilitate the pavement on the Expreso de Diego. This plan was in addition to the continuing plan for repairs to and beautification of the tertiary and secondary roads all over the island,” González Miranda said.

Marín was pleased with the initiation of the PR 30 rehabilitation project, because, “as one of the most traveled highways of the Región Centro Oriental, the PR-30 should be maintained in optimum condition. For that reason, the plan that was initiated today represents an important step toward the preservation of our security and well-being.

“We fully support this project, as it will improve one of the main access roads to work, schools, commerce and other places in which many of the residents of the Región Centro Oriental carry out their routine activities.”

Finally, Miranda promised to continue promoting the development of road infrastructure for the benefit of all the citizens of Puerto Rico, and for the economic development of the country.