Caterpillar M320F (2017)


Maximum Travel Speed22 mph (35 kph)


Bore4.10 in (10 cm)
Displacement427.80 cu in (0 m)
EmissionsMeets Tier 4 Final/Stage IV emission standards.
Engine ModelCat C7.1 ACERT
Engine Power - Maximum Gross - ISO 14396129.40
Engine Power - Maximum Net - ISO 9249/SAE J1349126
Maximum Torque - 1,400 rpm612 lbs/ft
Net Power169 hp (126 kw)
Note*Metric values.
Ratings1,550 rpm
Stroke5.30 in (13 cm)

Hydraulic System

Maximum Flow - Auxiliary Circuit - High Pressure76 gal/min (288 l/min)
Maximum Flow - Auxiliary Circuit - Medium Pressure12.90 gal/min (49 l/min)
Maximum Flow - Implement/Travel Circuit76 gal/min (288 l/min)
Maximum Flow - Swing Mechanism28.50 gal/min (108 l/min)
Maximum Pressure - Auxiliary Circuit - High Pressure5,076 psi
Maximum Pressure - Auxiliary Circuit - Medium Pressure2,683 psi
Maximum Pressure - Implement Circuit - Heavy Lift5,366 psi
Maximum Pressure - Implement Circuit - Normal and Travel Circuit5,076 psi
Swing Mechanism4,496 psi
System71.30 gal (270 l)

Service Refill Capacities

Diesel Exhaust Fluid Tank9.10 gal (34 l)
Fuel Tank - Total Capacity109.60 gal (415 l)

Swing Mechanism

Maximum Swing Torque35,403 ft (10,791 m)
Swing Speed10 rpm


Drawbar Pull23,380 lbs (10,605 kg)
Maximum Forward/Reverse - 2nd Gear22 mph (35 kph)


Ground Clearance1.30 ft (0 m)


One-Piece Boom - Front and Rear Outriggers43,321 lbs (19,650 kg)
One-Piece Boom - Rear Dozer, Front Outriggers42,880 lbs (19,450 kg)
VA Boom - Front and Rear Outriggers44,423 lbs (20,150 kg)
VA Boom - Rear Dozer, Front Outriggers43,982 lbs (19,950 kg)

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