ABC Keystone Applauds Graduates

Wed June 16, 2004 - Northeast Edition

Associated Builders & Contractors Inc., Keystone Chapter (ABC Keystone) has announced the graduates of the 2004 ABC Keystone construction apprenticeship program.

This year, ABC Keystone graduated more than 65 apprentices into the carpentry, electrical, HVAC, masonry, plumbing and sheet metal trades. They have completed a three- or four-year extensive classroom/on-the-job-training education program that will enable them to become journeypersons in their respective trade.

“ABC keystone is proud of our graduates and the journey they have completed to become educated and experienced members of the construction industry,” stated Jerry Watson, chairman of the Keystone Chapter.

“ABC believes in the value of an educated, well-trained, workforce, and congratulates these graduates for their hard work and dedication to the construction industry and the employers for helping them become valuable contributors in our efforts to build our communities safely, on time and within budget.”

The ABC Keystone Chapter graduation was held at the Wyndham Harrisburg/Hershey in Harrisburg, PA. Anthony Swoope and Allen Freedman were the keynote speakers for this program.

Starting as a sheet metal apprentice in Akron, OH, “Tony” Swoope has risen to become the administrator of Office of Apprenticeship Training, Employer and Labor Services (OATELS), formerly known as Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training (BAT), headquartered in Washington, D.C. Freedman is the vice president of Workforce Development for ABC National.

Graduates are listed by trade and sponsoring company.

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

• Jason L. Dill — James Craft & Son Inc.;

• Jonathan M. Jacoby — James Craft & Son Inc.;

• Chad M. Lamparter — Spangler & Boyer Mechanical Inc.;

• John R. Wanner — Spangler & Boyer Mechanical Inc.;

• Robert Larzelere — Triangle Refrigeration Co.;

• Carl Schweikhardt, Triangle Refrigeration Co.;

• William C. Foy — Tuckey’s; and

• David J. Weaver — Tuckey’s.


• Dustin B. Stuhre — Hogg Construction Inc.;

• Andrew G. Hart — Wagman Construction;

• Thomas C. Webster — Warfel Construction Company;

• Shawn F. O’Connor — Paul Risk Associates Inc.;

• William S. Fleming — Benchmark Construction Co. Inc.;

• Christian B. Geiv — Benchmark Construction Co. Inc.;

• Michael J. Meara Jr. — Benchmark Construction Co. Inc.;

• Shawn P. O’Connell — Benchmark Construction Co. Inc.; and

• Michael J. Seiders — Benchmark Construction Co. Inc.


• Timothy G. Griffiths — Witmer & McCoy Inc.


• Thomas D. Smith Jr. — Engles & Fahs Inc.;

• Myron D. Stoltzfus — R.S. Martin Inc.;

• Clayton M. Brubaker III — Guardian Electrical Contractor LLC;

• Vernon F. Dillman — B.J. Baldwin Electric/Mechanical Inc.;

• Jason T. Kauffman — B.J. Baldwin Electric/Mechanical Inc.;

• Joseph M. Lagaza — B.J. Baldwin Electric/Mechanical Inc.;

Craig S. Lapp — B.J. Baldwin Electric/Mechanical Inc.;

• Dennis J. McCabe — B.J. Baldwin Electric/Mechanical Inc.;

• Jeremy C. Wanner — B.J. Baldwin Electric/Mechanical Inc.;

• Matthew E. Herr — Guardian Electrical Contractor LLC;

• Ryan D. Hostetter — Clark Inc.;

• Nabil Bouanane — Clark Inc.;

• Eric T. LeFavre — R.S. Reidenbaugh Corp.;

• Lonnie G. Kauffman — The Farfield Company;

• Nathan G. Peters — The Farfield Company;

• Jordan D. Moyer — Garden Spot Electric Inc.;

• Matthew T. Bender — NA;

• Brian M. Kirchner — NA;

• Justin P. Myers — NA;

• David E. Huber — John E. Fullerton Inc.;

• Richard H. Witmer Jr. — John E. Fullerton Inc.;

• Cory M. Zeager — John E. Fullerton Inc.;

• Jonathan Clipp — B.N.B. Mechanical Inc.;

• Jason Hoff — Denny’s Electric Services Inc.; and

• Bruce E. Lantz — Denny’s Electric Services Inc.


• Michael C. Ort Jr. — James Craft & Son Inc.;

• Jason E. Redding — James Craft & Son Inc.;

• Branden T. Shutt — James Craft & Son Inc.;

• Michael P. Graham — Spangler & Boyer Mechanical Inc.;

• Nate M. Nobile — E.H. Gochnauer & Sons Inc.;

• Dustin L. Braun — Brubaker Inc.;

• Richard J. Brodbeck Jr. — Frey Mechanical Group Inc.;

• Roger L. Duttry — R.L. Wile Plumbing Contractor Inc.;

• David A. Greene Jr. — Leo Kob Co. Inc.;

• Derrick L. Feaser — George D. Boyer & Sons Inc.; and

• Kevin S. Thoman — George D. Boyer & Sons Inc.

Sheet Metal

• Jacob Monn — James Craft & Son Inc.;

• Mark Flinchbaugh — Walton & Company;

• Matthew Knepper — Walton & Company;

• Michael D. Gochnauer — E.H. Grochnauer & Sons Inc.;

• Brad S. Carpenter — The Farfield Company; and

• Gregory A. Rhoads — The Farfield Company.

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